Doggy Day Care

Doggy Day care – AVAILABLE NOW!

Doggy Day care is the perfect way to make sure your fur babies get the exercise and attention they need with a dedicated & reliable dog lover for the day.

Benefits of Day Car:
• Socialization
• Relief from boredom
• Prevents destructive behavior

Day rate and overnight rate are equal.

Hope to see all my canine family soon

happy dog

Nutritional Advice

If you have specific dietary requirements for your dog or cat then we welcome you to bring your own food and we will serve it to them as requested. If this is not an issue all food will be supplied by us. All food supplied by Ballycanew Boarding Kennels is high quality and very nutritious. 

Rates for dogs

Dog TypePer Dog Per Night
Small Dog / Puppy€12
Large Dog€15

Rates for cats

Cat TypePer Cat Per Night
Small Cat / Kitten€10
Adult Cat€10